Comparison of NETGEAR WGR614L and Linksys WRT54GL Open Source Routers

Open Source Experts,

Improving Wireless Range: Choosing the Best Location

You're here because you want to learn how to optimize your wireless setup at home or at work, to get the best range out of your system. Read on to discover helpful tips and tricks - here's how you'll do it:

Internet Games and Applications with NETGEAR Routers

Online Internet software may expect particular “ports” to be open if you use a router. To connect with these Internet services, your LAN needs to be set up to do one of these:

Use UPnP (Universal Plug and Play)

Open ports using port forwarding

WNHDEB111 Wireless-N Networking Kit by NETGEAR - Review and Unboxing

Ping - Explained

If you have been just getting into routers, networking and upgrades, you probably have seen a lot of folks talk about pinging.

This should help you understand this utility.

Tomato Firmware for WGR614L Review - v1.11.041510

This review is about the latest release of the Tomato firmware released on 17 th April.

Firmware Name - tomato_wgr614l.chk

Installation of Tomato Firmware on NETGEAR WGR614L

One latest tomato source code is now available in Link of the file is


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