OpenWRT Firmware Now Available for NETGEAR R7500v2

OpenWRT Firmware Officially Available for NETGEAR D7800

DD-WRT "Kong Mod" Now Available for NETGEAR R8500 Nighthawk

The wait is over! Firmware maestro Kong has released his DD-WRT build for the NETGEAR R8500.

Download it here and post your results and experiences on the R8500 Open Source Firmware forum!

NETGEAR R8500 Nighthawk Updated to Firmware

If you're the proud owner of a NETGEAR R8500 "Nighthawk" router and are using the NETGEAR firmware, now's the time to upgrade! If your router hasn't automatically prompted you to upgrade, you can download the firmware from the official NETGEAR R8500 support page.

Several features and enhancements are offered in this update, including improvements to OpenVPN throughput, enhanced 2.4 GHz performance in environments with high intereference, and more.

DD-WRT firmware for Netgear R7000 Based on revision 28514

DD-WRT firmware for Netgear R8000 Based on revision 28514

OpenWRT Firmware for NETGEAR D7800 Now Available

For lucky D7800 owners, there is now an OpenWRT custom firmware available for download.

Head over to our downloads section to grab the alpha release, and make sure to post to our forums with what you think!


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