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DD-WRT Firmware for NETGEAR WGR614L v24-9281


UPDATE 08/30/2008: This firmware is no longer supported. Please use the new DD-WRT v24 SP1 Build for WGR614L (WW and NA)

Click here for detailed installation instructions after you complete your download!

To upgrade from a NETGEAR version of the firmware in WGR614L, use the firmware upgrade UI and browse and select dd-wrt.v24-9281_mor_NEWD_SF_mini.chk

If you are upgrading from an already existing version of DD-WRT, use dd-wrt.v24-9281_mor_NEWD_SF_mini.trx for the upgrade.

How to Modify:

Get a DD-WRT serial flash build. You can get one of the builds by eko. This firmware is based on - http://www.dd-wrt.com/phpBB2/download.php?id=4355

Download firmware modification kit from svn://svn.berlios.de/firmwaremodkit
You may use the command
svn co svn://svn.berlios.de/firmwaremodkit

Extract the firmware.
cd firmwaremodkit/trunk/
./extract_firmware.sh working_dir fw_file.bin
cd ../..
Please copy these files into /etc directory of the rootfile system of the DD-WRT firmware.
cp rootfs/etc/* working_dir/rootfs/etc

Rebuild the Firmware
cd firmwaremodkit/trunk/
./build_firmware.sh working_dir out_dir

Create chk file using packet command or use the .trx file generate in the out_dir.
cd out_dir
../packet -k custom_image.trx -f emptyfile -b compatible.txt -ok kernel_image -oall dd-wrt-image -or rootfs_image -i emptyfile;
this will create the dd-wrt-image.chk which can be uploaded using netgear UI. OR you can use the .trx image to upgrade to a new version of DD-WRT.

Source code can be downloaded via DD-WRT's SVN repository using the following command:

svn co svn://svn.dd-wrt.com/DD-WRT

You can also the DD-WRT downloads section at the DD-WRT website here.

Discussion (Questions, Reviews & Comments):
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Access Denied
3 616 11/29 4:31PM by AZ Snowbird
not working for me
0 317 05/24 12:56PM by Johannes
0 1011 08/29 3:15PM by Brad
Can somone rebuild this newer firmware for DD-WRT?
0 549 07/11 6:02PM by twindragon6
So I Want to Build My Own DD-WRT Firmware, Info Needed!
1 578 06/30 4:19PM by twindragon6


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