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Toastman's Tomato Firmware for WNR3500Lv1 (VPN) 1.28.7505


Updated for Heartbleed Protection

- add pairNIC DDNS service
- Implement ipt_account fixes for Kernel 2.6.36
- added "String" module for ip6tables
- bridge: avoid ethtool on non running interface - bridge: respect RFC2863 operational state.
- Access Restriction: Check chain blank before delete - patch from EasyTomato trunk.
- Added extrarules to iptables to get UDP request - (https://dev.openwrt.org/ticket/155) EasyTomato patches
- Busybox: Upgrade to 1.21.1
- SSID: Respect ASCII character label
- Correct access restrictions save/delete bug with some browsers
- ipt_webmon_info has different define in kernel and iptables.
- dnsmasq: Update Sept 13, 2013 to v2.67test14 - (ipv6 experimental)
- VLAN: Correct mapping Netgear 3500L V2

Discussion (Questions, Reviews & Comments):
Thread Replies Views Last Post
does this version or any tomato version with fast nat support guets wlan?
0 180 04/02 4:41PM by berner_84
Hello Toastman please post a FAST-NAT VPN version
1 676 01/21 2:57PM by MonMarco
Can't login after flashing even after factory reset
0 523 05/06 6:21PM by bexol
Question about "bandwidth for LAN clients"
0 199 04/12 10:43AM by bigjohn
0 201 03/09 4:34AM by rusboss
kl2tpd in core
0 245 03/09 4:18AM by rusboss
tomato wont work with DHCP
0 484 01/11 5:08AM by Censored
I'm so confused. Is it new version?
6 3891 04/05 9:18PM by Toastman
1 234 02/07 4:03AM by newbie123


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