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Capable Networks was founded in 2004 to create online communities with the mantra: more value, less noise, every day. We developed a custom platform with the capabilities, convenience, and robustness to bring the best possible experience to every visitor.

Our network of community sites totals over 200,000 members, hundreds of original articles, and tens of thousands of conversations taking place in our forums. Our team of skilled editors publish interesting and informative content on a daily basis, while our team of moderators help to ensure that each member has the best possible experience -- from learning about new technology to sharing their experiences to interacting with other members.

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TiVo Community Explore3DTV TechLore MediaSmart Home Robo Community Sansa Community My Open Router DVR Playground Dijit Community


TechLore, our first community site, was launched in December 2004 and is dedicated to helping consumers who have post-purchase questions about their consumer electronics products.



Explore3DTV.com was launched in early 2010 to cultivate an online community around the growing 3D TV buzz. The site allows electronics manufacturers, TV networks, and movie studios to engage consumers like us who are eager to explore this exciting new development in home entertainment.

MediaSmart Home


MediaSmartHome.com provides valuable technical know-how and insightful conversations to digital families everywhere. This online community offers a rich, collaborative environment for HP's MediaSmart Server customers to share their experiences on how to stay on top of their home computer network and expand its possibilities.

Sansa Community


SansaCommunity.com grew out of our own high regard for the full line of compelling audio and video players from SanDisk. And we're not alone - millions of SanDisk fans around the world have helped make Sansa a dominant brand in the MP3 player space. And now they all have a place to share the love.

Robo Community


RoboCommunity.com went live in September 2006 and covers the entire line of robots and tech toys from WowWee Ltd. This exciting online community brings together millions of customers and fans of WowWee's innovative robotic humanoids and animals who can now share their enthusiasm and stories about these amazing products.

DVR Playground


In March 2006 we debuted DVRplayground.com, an online community for owners and fans of the digital video recorder looking for ways to extend their timeshifting experience by upgrading their hardware, streaming their programs beyond the TV, taking their shows on the go, and more.

Tivo Community


TiVoCommunity is one of the most successful and vibrant online communities in world of Consumer Electronics and has been home to loyal enthusiasts since TiVo first came on the scene.

My Open Router


MyOpenRouter.com launched in December 2007, was created for open source and Linux enthusiasts to collaborate on networking projects. Centered around the NETGEAR series of open source routers, including the WGR614L and the WNR3500L, members can download a full range of custom third party firmwares and resources, discuss code, contribute tutorials, and more.

Dijit Community


Recognizing how the second screen is influencing how television is enjoyed, we launched the Dijit Community website in September 2011. Dijit’s powerful software transforms smartphones and tablets into a universal remote control with integrated TV guide and social features. The Dijit Community is a hub for Dijit users and anyone interested in the ongoing evolution of social television.


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