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Review of NETGEAR PR2000 (Trek) Travel Router and Range Extender

by Peter Redmer on April 24, 2014

Mobile warriors, rejoice! I could sum up this review with those three words, but that's hardly enough detail, no? The NETGEAR PR2000 is a unique, specialized product but manages to be very easy to set... More »

Information and Downloads on the Heartbleed Bug

by Brandon C on April 17, 2014

The Heartbleed vulnerability allows an attacker to read random 64k blocks of memory of the service using OpenSSL (with TLS). Since every request delivers another 64k memory block an attacker could retrieve sensitive data from... More »

Official Response from NETGEAR on Hearbleed for their routers and ReadyNAS

by Brandon C on April 14, 2014

NETGEAR can confirm no vulnerabilities to the Heartbleed bug have been found in our routers. NETGEAR has taken steps to prevent compromise by the Heartbleed bug with our latest Network Attached storage products by releasing... More »

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NETGEAR to go Head to Head with Chromecast, Unveils NeoMediacast

NETGEAR In The News from 01/08 1:23 PM

NETGEAR is never running out of ways to shake up the industry, and their new NeoMediacast may do just that. Similar to the Google Chromecast,... More »

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NETGEAR Shows Off Stellar New Products, Wins 3 2014 CES Innovation Awards

NETGEAR In The News from 01/08 1:19 PM

LAS VEGAS, Jan 06, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- NETGEAR(R), Inc. (nasdaqgm:NTGR) ( www.netgear.com ), a global networking company that delivers innovative products to consumers, businesses... More »

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NETGEAR Dominates Wi-Fi Performance with new R7000 Nighthawk 802.11ac WiFi Router

NETGEAR In The News from 10/01 5:26 PM

Next Gen Gigabit 802.11ac performance combines world??s fastest WiFi and greatest range to optimize the gaming, streaming and mobile experience. SAN JOSE, California ?? October... More »

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