How to Properly Adjust the Antennas on the NETGEAR R7000 "Nighthawk" Router

Do you have a R7000 Nighthawk from NETGEAR? Are you super pleased with the superior range and speeds you're getting? Good!

Are you less than pleased with those floppy antennas? I thought so, which is why you have ended up here. The truth is that the antennas aren't really floppy at all -- they're quite sturdy, but there's a "trick" to installing and adjusting them correctly. Here's how.

Step 1: Hold the antenna parallel to the router housing.

Step 2: "Screw" the antenna into the connector as if you were using a screwdriver to drive a screw, by twisting it as shown. Do this until you feel it tighten snugly. Alternately, or if you have small fingers, you could twist the knurled end in; it will move independently from the antennas (which is how they are adjustable)

Step 3: Gently adjust the antennas to the desired angles. If tightened correctly in step 2, they will stay firmly in place.


Note that if you move an antenna to the left, the connection may loosen, in which case you can simply hold the antenna in place in the position desired and tighten the knurled end to hold it in place.

Did this procedure work for you? Do you have other suggestions? If so, please leave a comment below.


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Affix a twist or two of 50

Affix a twist or two of 50 pound monofilament leader in the joint between the screw-in fastener and the antenna to tighten the rotation action for extra floppy antennae

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I found that a 1/2" section

I found that a 1/2" section of 3/8" rubber auto hose fits snugly over the joint. This allows the antenna to be adjusted to any position and remain there.