How to Update your NETGEAR R7000 to DD-WRT Open Source Firmware

Here are the proper steps to take in order to upgrade the firmware in your NETGEAR R7000 "Nighthawk" wi-fi router. In this example, I'm using the original OEM firmware and DD-WRT open source third party firmware.

1. Log in to the router web interface i.e. and navigate to the Advanced -> Router Update screen.

2. Select the path for the DD-WRT firmware that you downloaded and click on the “Upload” button as shown.

3. Then click on the “Yes” button as shown.

4. A page will be displayed on successful completion.


5. It is always recommended to reset the router to factory defaults after a successful firmware upgrade. This can be done by pressing the reset button for 30 seconds with an object such as a pin or paper clip.

6. After the reset, you will be logged on to the DD-WRT web page and asked to change your username and password as shown.

7. Enter the username and password ( Default username = root and password = admin for DD-WRT ) and then click on the “Change Password” button as shown. It is recommended to clear the cache of your web browser before using it.

8. Then, you can see the status page of your router and the firmware version as shown. You have successfully upgraded to DD-WRT on your NETGEAR R7000! Make sure to post to the forums if you have any further questions about this process.


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