R7000 Open Source Firmware

VPN Client: policy based routing

Guys who understand the matter - can you please educate me?


I am reading this : <http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/OpenVPN>

R7000 w/ DD-WRT VLAN Tagging and Virtual AP

So I just got DD-WRT installed on my R7000 and am trying to setup Virtual APs with a VLAN and have a couple of questions. 

Tomato by Shibby build 120 is available

Shibby has released Tomato build 120 here: http://tomato.groov.pl/download/K26ARM/120/R7000/


Looks like there might be an issue with the web monitor - it doesn't seem to be logging for me.

Transmission wont start download/retrieving metadata forever

So when I used Shibby's Tomato, i cant download using transmission.

Now i change to Kong's DDWRT k3 24200, so this is what i do: Set USB, mounted to : /tmp/mnt/sda1 , after that enable bittorrent, put the mounted path there.

I enter transmission web interface, i tried to add link, look the Download folder, after that i FTP to the usb and make the Download folder

when I tried to add link to transmission web, nothing changes, it just dissapear

When I tried to add Magnet link, it will show Retrieving Metadata but never start

R7000 Wifi signal


I replaced my broadband's standard router with the R7000 but the signal on wifi is quite low.

I've setup both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, both signals are not very strong.

its not too far away, its a 4bedroom house, router downstairs and i'm on PC upstairs.


R7000 VPN setup


I bought a R700 tonight, i connected it up and seen a firmware update was available, (V1.0.3.56_1.1.25) which I have updated too.

I setup the VPN service and downloaded the client and windows folder.

I then disconnected my wifi on pc and tethered to my phone.

I sucessfully connected to the VPN.

My questions are:

1) when I was on VPN, i used sites to check my external IP, it was still showing my mobile providers IP, I want it so all traffic goes over VPN so my IP should show the same as my router.

R7000 Nighthawk Torrent Transmission not working

I am having a problem with the torrent section on my R7000 Nighthawk Router.

I am using Transmission Remote GUI to automatically send the torrents to the router. The problem is the torrents stop after 4 mb every time.

Can anyone assist of point me to any helpful threads?

I am using build 23900M Kong

Can anyone confirm if VPN/PPTP Server is working?

Can anyone confirm if PPTP server is working?


I am getting an error 619 when trying to connect from work to home.

It was working last month, I cannot confirm exactly when

I upgraded to the build 23900M I cannot confirm when again, but is the only major change I made to my network.I have tied meny different combinations of setting with the router and my VPN connection on my Windows 7 PC.
I just want to be sure it is something on my local settings.

Any thoughts anyone

Slow Speeds

Before I upgraded to Kong's firmware, my speeds were ranging from 179-190 mbps.  Since upgrading, my speeds have slowed down to around 25 mbps.  Is there something somewhere in the settings that I need to change?  Thanks in advance for any help.

nighthawk R7000 firmware updates

why doesn't the firmware updates out there have a tab system for beginner, intermediate and advanced. I like almost all of the features Netgear R7000 offers except it doesn't have openvpn client, a customizable hotspot, and a website black/white list you can use on devices individually and by website.