R7000 Open Source Firmware

usbnet ?

hi! i'm new here, i'm using kong's latest firmware (23900) on my R7000 i want to use usbnet on the back usb port, is it possible?

i've searched around, and don't find anything yet

any idea?

[R7000] What's the latest Kong's firmware?

Folks - can someone clarify to newbie FW upgrade path for R7000?

I found this link:  http://desipro.de/ddwrt/K3-AC-Arm/

I see the latest is 24045, I grab file named  dd-wrt.v24-K3_AC_ARM_BT_NEWD.bin and try to flash it on my router (currently I am runnig 23900m)

Dual Gateway on DD-WRT firmware for R7000

I would like to set up a dual gateway with one gateWay for normal internet(speed) and another for VPN (openvpn) service using 1 router,similar to Sabai Os routers.Is this possible? If yes how do I go about setting it up and if no ,is this feature a concideration for a subsequent update? Thanks. 

DD-WRT back to Stock Procedure

Hi Guys,

I am currently running the latest old driver build of DD-WRT. The connection to my ADSL modem seems to be dropping or the Router is rebooting occasionally. To rule out hardware issues I would like to return back to stock firmware.

What is the recommended procedure for reverting back to stock firmware?




R7000 bricked? Flashed DD-WRT to Tomato - cannot login: user/pw denied

I might have managed to brick/damage the R7000 router. I was wondering if anyone has a good idea to get back into the config portal. 

Updating Build?

Im running an old Build from two months ago on my R7000. How would I update to the newest?

Prepare for the first time firmware flash

I am a long time Asus user but 2 days ago I switched to Netgear R7000 given its overwhelming good review (also I need better coverage and stability. Asus is really poor on 5G). The first thing I got it is to seek for an opensource firmware and that led me to here.

Looking For Info on Port Forwarding w/ OpenVPN Client

Hi guys!

I've flashed DD-WRT onto my R7000 and have Private Internet Access set up with the OpenVPN client

Can anybody point me to a decent guide on setting up IPTABLES so that I can do a couple of port forwards?

WAN access filtering - router blocking all pc's not just client list ?

I have setup filtering on the Access Restrictions page and created a client list of machine IP's, but DD-WRT is blocking all the network pc's and not just the client list ?

On same page, i have also set "Website Blocking by URL Address" for youtube, pornhub etc etc

Also tried using MAC addresses instead of IP's but same results.

what am i doing wrong ? it blocks all pc's ?

(using latest Kongs version of firmware.)

Where to begin



I just bought a AC1900 router and would like to use Kong's firmware.  I've read the quide on how to flash DD-WRT firmwares and it's a two step process.  

I went to this link to find the router related files - http://www.dd-wrt.com/site/support/router-database but it is not listing the temporary .chk and the actual DD-WRT .bin file for the AC1900.