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Review of NETGEAR PR2000 (Trek) Travel Router and Range Extender

Mobile warriors, rejoice!

I could sum up this review with those three words, but that's hardly enough detail, no?

The NETGEAR PR2000 is a unique, specialized product but manages to be very easy to set up and use. Its footprint is incredibly small -- only about 3.3 inches square -- and can be powered either by plugging directly into the wall or via USB. This makes it ultra-convenient. Plus, it's actually three products in one:

Quick Review & Specifications Netgear Dual Band WiFi Range Extender

Maximize the power of your network and make sure you have coverage in every corner of your home with the AC1200 High Power WiFi Range Extender. Get ultimate range and performance you need for iPads®, smartphones, laptops & more!

Product Highlights

Quick Review & Specifications of the NETGEAR C3700 Cable Modem Router

Netgear N600 Wi-Fi Cable Modem Router (C3700)

Faster Cable Internet. Dual-band WiFi. One device.


I am connecting a wireless extender WN2000RPT. It is prompting me for a name to give the SSID of this extender, and my question is, can I give it the same name as my wireless SSID?

Suppose my wireless SSIS is "zoom" and the installatoin software for WN2000RPT is prompting me to accept "zoom_ext" can I jsut change this to zoom, and, in effect, simply increase to coverage under "zoom?" Or will I create a conflict by doing this? Thanks

WNDR 4500 N900 bricked. Does anyone know how to fix?

My Netgear WNDR 4500 N900 Router bricked itself during an auto update and I can't get it to recover. I've read everything on NEtgear's website tried the tftp2 push and nothing works. I use the router to distribute WIFI to my Laptop, Game Console and Cell phone. It is connected to my Motorola ECE12 modem on Xfinity. I am using Win 7 64bit SP1 and ethernet cabling to the router from the modem.

N900 - WNDR4500 Wireless Disconnects

I recently got a Netgear N900, and was really excited about all of the advertised features straight out of the box.  I was replacing a Linksys WRT-54G, running DD-WRT, and that thing was bulletproof.

(DGN1000 Modem Router) Disconnection in power supply during firmware update


I don’t know if I’m asking this question in the correct forum or not, so I apologize in advance if I’m not right.

I was in the beginning of the firmware update of my Netgear DGN1000 Modem Router that a disconnection happened in the power supply. After that when I turn on the modem the power led stays in the red color and NOT change to green. Meanwhile when I ping the modem with I don’t receive any response. It seems that it totally bricked.

Limit Wireless bandwidth on WNR2000v3?

Hey guys, I was curious if any of these FW's have the option to limit wireless bandwidth.


Long story short, my newish roommate is killing my already bad rural DSL connection with her skype calls to her boyfriend. It's not just an hour here or there, it's whenever she isn't at work (she works ~20 hrs/week) shes video skyping with him. I understand her side, or like to think I do. I was hoping that one of these Firmwares would help me limit her wireless connectivity. 

So far I have tried the following in netgear firmware:

WNDR3700v2 Not detecting USB HDD

Hi there guys joined a couple of years ago but never got round to posting, so HELLO!

I'm new to this game so please bear with me, I've had this router for some time and never had a problem, until now.

I've recently purchased a nice 3tb external hard drive (Buffalo LB3.0TU2) to store my media for my new smart TV (Which i now find wont recognise the HD either). So I've been trying to get it to work via the readyshare function on my router.

WNDR3700v3 - Any firmware can disable NAT?

Hi everybody,


I just purchased the Netgear WNDR3700v3, which is used to connect to the ISP modem and my firewall x 2 (in HA mode). Actually, this router is originally desired to replace the ISP's router.... because I have to have the network cables connecting the router with my firewalls x2 (in HA mode), but the ISP's router ONLY configured 1 port as the LAN interface (i.e. our external WAN subnet). I have to use my own router to replace the ISP's router with the given config setting, so that I can configure 2 ports as LAN interface to connecting to my firewalls.