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BCM4718 chip pinout for adding second usb host

Many Netgear routers are using the BCM 4718 chips, like:
Netgear WNR3500 LV1, WNDR3300 v2, 3400 v1, 3700 v3, 4000, etc...

However, these routers has only 1 USB port, although their BCM4718 has two USB port

The ASUS RT-N16, Belkin F7d4301/8301 uses same BCM4718 chip and these routers have two USB port.

I think with some effort a second USB port can be added (as already done with an old  Linksys WRT54G)

All my search for the pinout for the BCM4718 did not find anything (the closest found was BCM4712)

Does anybody has info on BCM4718 pinout ?

Best firmware for AirPlay?

What is the best firmware to get my wns3500l to support AirPlay?


Netgear's, tomato, dd_wrt, openwrt, freewrt or other?

captive portal - general questions


Some questions about Captive Portal.

Netgear WNR3500l v2
Tomato by Shibby for WNR3500Lv2 v117 (All In One)

1. I have not been able to get MAC white list to work.  I turned on CP Log Info Level = 10, and see the entry in the log as
unknown user.notice root: nat::NoCat_Capture: Bypassing all traffic to/from whitelisted MAC: XX:F0:2F:4C:E7:01
(my XX in the MAC) and do not get the "OK, I Agree" dialog (correctly), but do not get "bypassed" to internet access.

wnr3500l v2

I recently bought a netgear wnr3500l v2 router off of ebay that the seller said was used for demostration purposes but was in like new coondition.

I have a question about open ports on both the wan and lan side.

Here are the lan side open ports:

23/tcp open telnet
53/tcp open domain
80/tcp open http
5000/tcp open upnp
5050/tcp open mmcc

Here are the wan side open ports:

Problems updating firmware on WNR3500L v1

I have been running various version of kong mod DD-WRT on my WNR3500L v1 for years (actually I have two). Over the past year I have been running the version named vpnkong (SVN revision 20500M, date 01/25/13).

Latest official firmware source 3/2014

I found the latest official firmware release for my WNR3500Lv2 at this location on the netgear site:


Just in case anyone else is simply interested in altering the behavior of the stock firmware. This page seems to include source for many of their routers.

Semi Brick?

Ok  I was trying to swich from toastman to shibby (which was working prev) so I decided to go from toast to dd-wrt (dd-wrt-wnr3500lv2.chk) to shibby which I've done in the past no problem, well the dd-wrt move semi killed my 3500lv2, I can get 3 ping replies out of with 30/30/30 or quick reset/plug-in reset (also for sits a grins tried 30/30/30/wps which does nothing) So after hard set quick or long I get at most 3 ping backs ( then unreachable. I've tried tftp/put to stuff it in again during the boot window but no joy. Any suggestions?

WNR3500l blinking green

Hi everyone !

After a failed upgrade to OpenWrt I was unable to access my router so I decided to apply the 30/30/30 method. Now all I got is a black brick with a blinking green light.

I tried to tftp into it and managed to push the official Netgear firmware but I still got the green light blinking.

What does that mean ? What can I do to make my router useable again ?

Thanks for your help

Mounting USB Hard Drive in NAS (Samba)

Hi there,

I am running DD-WRT v24-sp2 (01/25/13) stdkong (SVN revision 20500M) on my Metgear WNR3500U/WNR3500L (v1 with USB port) and I have an issue to get access to the hard drive connected to the USB port.

WNR3500lv2 wont accept tomato