"KRACK" Vulnerability Patched in DD-WRT SVN

As of today and to the best of our knowledge, a patch for the KRACK WPA2 vuilnerability has been added to the DD-WRT SVN.

We will be posting updated DD-WRT builds from our community developers as soon as possible.

More information on the KRACK vulnerability:

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Can anyone at MyOpenRouter

Can anyone at MyOpenRouter give us Netgear dd-wrt router users an idea of when we might see an updated firmware release?  Since the KRACK & DNSMASQ vulnerability issues have been patched in the codebase, can we expect new builds any time soon?  Other than these rare "we're working on it" updates it's been radio-silence.


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I agree.  A couple more days

I agree.  A couple more days have gone by without any updates.  Please post when an update will be available.

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I’m certain that the team is

I’m certain that the team is making sure that the builds are working correctly before they release them out into the wild instead of launching a fix that breaks people’s networks and end up doing more harm than good here. I too, am eager to get my hands on the fix for my R7000 as some of IoT devices started doing weird things the other day such as my kitchen lights coming on at 6AM and pulsing on and off for hours. Hopefully we’ll hear something shortly.