March 2017 DD-WRT "Kong Mod" Updates for NETGEAR Routers

What's at the end of the rainbow?

If you were hoping for an actual pot of gold, we're sorry to disappoint you. However, those of you using Kong's DD-WRT firmware on your NETGEAR router, then you're in luck.

Kong's March updates have been posted to our downloads section -- update now, or give them a try!

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What's the changes in this

What's the changes in this version?

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with the March upgrade of my

with the March upgrade of my R8500 my 2 vonage boxes stopped working not able to pull an IP from the R8500. any idea hw I can fix it? or what do I have to do to go bck to the January version?

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Where can we find the patch

Where can we find the patch notes? I would like to update my router although i like to make it a habit to read an new update's notes to see what all has changed. 


Can somebody point me towards the right direction? Sorry if they were staring me in the face, i just couldnt see them 

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Latest version (31800) fails

Latest version (31800) fails for a very specific case for us on an R6400.  Cisco VoIP phone model SPA525G2 does not get a DHCP response back, for some reason.  It also fails on 31500.  Downgrading to 31205 works fine.

This is with a pretty generic configuration with no VLAN or other "weird" networking configuration.

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Looks like you're seeing the

Looks like you're seeing the same problem we are (maybe).  Cisco VoIP phone doesn't get a proper DHCP response back from the router.  Downgrading to 31205 worked for us.


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I have a Netgear AC1450

I have a Netgear AC1450 running DD-WRT v3.0-r31160M kongac (01/18/17) downloaded from MyOpenRouter.  Is it safe to install this March 2017 Kong Mod? Or should I wait for a specific Kong Mod for the AC1450?

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Netgear R7800 running build

Netgear R7800 running build 31815m

I cannot change the SSID name.  It stays at dd-wrt.  Is there a way to make the name change permanent?