NETGEAR Updates WNR3500L Official Firmware to

We know you like to rock your WNR3500L router with third party firmware, but for those who have decided to stick with the (excellent) stock NETGEAR flash, there's some good news.

NETGEAR has updated the stock firmware to version for both North American and worldwide users, improving several features and functions.

Make sure to check out the appropriate version for your region - download and check out the changelog via the links below.

NETGEAR WNR3500L Official Standard Firmware for North American Users

NETGEAR WNR3500L Official Standard Firmware for Users Outside North America

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I am doing some extensive

I am doing some extensive testing of the various builds and, at least for my system, the stock firmware fails GRC ShieldsUp at port 520.

I don't know how seriously security is compromised by this, but it may be yet another reason to look to Kong's build or tomato. (I also have issues with it in terms of not being able to be bridged wirelessly with WPA2-AES security).

I do like the strong signals, though. I cannot duplicate the strong signals using stock firmware on either Kong's or tomato.