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Guest Access/Hotspot

Hi, we have a business and we also live upstairs from the business and want to open up internet for our customers at the same time of protecting our home and business systems (wired/wireless) from the public.

I saw there is an independant release that allows you to configure a guest SSID ( and this is something that would be perfect to protect public from accessing our systems without having to hookup two non open source routers to the ISP router.

 Does DD-WRT or tomato allow one to configure something like this also, as I want to use the least amount of hardware but have better control.

 Also how does the inbound firewall compare to the manufactures build (compare independent, dd-wrt, and tomato)



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No tomato. dd-wrt does not

No tomato. dd-wrt does not support this guest ssid feature. You should use the independent firmware build for this feature.
Besides this tomato, dd-wrt still have some issues with the wireless module. So, better to use the MOR independent build.