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Back to the Netgear firmware

I pay $10 extra a month to Cablevision for their Boost service, which takes the speed up to (a theoretical maximum of) 30 mbs from 15. A few days ago, after visiting Speedtest, I realized I was only getting about half that. I unplugged my computer from the Netgear WNR3500L and plugged it directly into the cable modem, and the speed shot up to 24 mbs. So the problem was clearly in the router.

I had been using the Tomato version I found on this site, v. 1.27. I replaced it with the new version of the stock Netgear firmware, Boom -- the speed through the router shot up from 14-15 using Tomato to 22 and sometimes 24 using the Netgear firmware.

I'll miss all the cool tweaks provided by Tomato, but I'd rather get the speed I'm paying for. (Also, you can't use a USB printer plugged into the router using Netgear, but I can get around that.) So it's stock firmware from here on...

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Yes, Stonef, speed is an

Yes, Stonef, speed is an issue incase of opensource firmwares. Tomato is an opensource firmware. As it is opensource you can modify it's source code as your requirement. Many people are trying to solve the speed issue on opensource firmwares. You can also try that....

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Hmm you definitely should get

Hmm you definitely should get a higher speed with Tomato.
I have a 80mbps internet connection and get the full 80mbps (okay around 78/79 :-)) with Tomato USB beta18.
With Netgear stock firmware I get the full speed also, plus the range is a little bit better but no mediaserver (and I definitely need that!).
Last time I used dd-wrt I got as much as 60mbps, maybe things have improved with kongs firmware.
Be sure to turn off afterburner/frameburst etc, but turn on wmm. By turning wmm off the speed was decreased by half.

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If you didn't get the full

If you didn't get the full speed up to 30Mbit than there must have been a config issue etc.

See bosa's benchmarks:

On page 2 you will see the latest benchmark using my minidlna dd-wrt mod. You'll will also find an explanation why the netgear firmware is faster.