WNR3500L Samknows Router with Hurricane Electric

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WNR3500L Samknows Router with Hurricane Electric


Any help with this issue is sincerely appreciated. 

I am a FiOS user, with a SamKnows WNR3500L router, and I also have a Linksys E4200 v1 router that I am unable to get Hurricane Electric to work correctly.

1. Environment: I am running my own active directory domain, Windows Server 2008. I run my own DNS and DHCP. Everything works very well. I am using Windows to manage my Wi-Fi using Radius. I also have my own PKI setup, two tier, with an offline CA.

2. Because of the FiOS TV, I can't use either of the Wi-Fi routers as anything other than wireless access points. They distribute IP addresses fine, and radius works very well.

3. My FiOS Actiontec Router runs Wi-Fi, and provides the backend services needed to support my set top boxes.

Now the meat of the matter:

I tried using the both the WNR3500L and the Cisco E4200 v1 to setup tunnels with Hurricane Electric with somewhat mixed results.

a. I cannot get the Linksys to connect. Period.

b. The WNR3500L appears to establish the tunnel - I can route IPv6 (I can ping devices with v6 addresses,) but I cannot reach any IPv6 addresses outside of my network. 

Can anyone tell me what I may be missing? I am new to IPv6 - I've been trying to figure it out on my own for more than a year, and I'm probably about as clear now about what I'm doing as when I started.


Thanks very much.

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Hurricane Electric Setup for

Hurricane Electric Setup for DD-WRT

This is the guide I'm currently using with mixed results. It works, but I can't get solid 10/10 on IPv6 with ipv6-test.com. For some reason although it's routing and doing all the necessary IPv6 chores, it's not routing the IPv6 DNS. None the less I can access IPv6 sites, granted it's using IPv4 DNS look up for it.