Static IP setup with two public subnets (one dynamic, one static)

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Constantine A. M.
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Static IP setup with two public subnets (one dynamic, one static)


I'm looking for the best WNR3500L firmware for my AT&T U-verse FTTP setup with a Static IP package. (To avoid any misunderstandings, please note that I don't have any DSL, or PPPoE, or anything of the sort.)

On WAN, I must be getting a single 76.220.xx.xx/22 through DHCP. I also rent my own that is routed to my /22 (per my understanding, I'm not a networking guy, really). So, anyhow, on my LAN, I wanna use the straight without any NAT (obviously), but having NAT options and being able to use the RFC1918 addresses alongside my would be nice. Options of which public address any private addresses are mapped to would likewise be welcome, but rather optional. If anyone's interested in a long rant about my network with all the glory details, see

A local SIP registration server would be nice, authoritative DNS and SNMP would be nice, and also's IPv6 support is a must. Must have full IPv6 support! is only 2ms further away from me than any other fastest internet node!

Any suggestions of which firmware I should try that gives the most flexibility out of the box, e.g. for my Static IP setup? I want to flash it once, and have months of uptime, without having to reflash anything. I'd only be willing to update it once per year max, if at all.

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usuck i have same problem

usuck i have same problem