Problems with using WNR3500l as repeater bridge

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Problems with using WNR3500l as repeater bridge

Hello guys,

I need your help with the following. 

I am using the router WNR3500L as a repeater bridge for my WIFI network. The primary router is a Sagem SKY router (I am living in the UK).... it's a quite shitty device but not much I can do about that ;-) 


I used this tutorial: to set up my WNR3500L as the repeater bridge. I applied all the necessary settings, i.e. the device is in bridge mode, I use the same encription mode and password for both devices, deativated the firewall etc. - and it worked fine like that in the beginning! 

However, after using it a bit more (i.e. transferring more data), my wifi network created by the bridge keeps dissappearing/the router freezes and I can only switch it off manually and reconnect. Sometimes it just kicks me out of the wifi and the router seems to restart the wifi unit. 

I have no idea why the router keeps crashing, I used DD-WRT before and it has always been super stable. I am using this firmware at the moment: Firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (01/25/13) vpnkon

Does anyone have a clue what the cause of the problem could be? Interestingly the problem described above just happenend while writing this forum post, but I didnt have the syslog function activated. I just did that, so maybe there is something valuable in there. 

Apart from that - would be super happy to hear any ideas! Wifi in my room is a pain in the a**, and this solution seemed to work fine for me - if it wasn't for the interruptions :(




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I'd make two comments.

I'd make two comments.
1. Try Kong's firmware. The throughput seems to be better.
2. I found enabling the virtual interface causes problems. Try disabling it and using the same SSID (I know it says not to but it works fine this way for me).