Dual Gateway on DD-WRT firmware for R7000

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Dual Gateway on DD-WRT firmware for R7000

I would like to set up a dual gateway with one gateWay for normal internet(speed) and another for VPN (openvpn) service using 1 router,similar to Sabai Os routers.Is this possible? If yes how do I go about setting it up and if no ,is this feature a concideration for a subsequent update? Thanks. 

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Hi, are you trying to set up

Hi, are you trying to set up 2 gateways from the same router using PPoE? If so then this is not possible, i.e. you cannot have the OpenVPN client running on the same router that is your PPoE gateway to the internet.

What you can do in this case is run 2 routers: one is your internet gateway router with PPoE and the second is your VPN gateway. I run this succesfully using a Fritzbox as my gateway router (VDSL) and my Netgear R7000 as the VPN gateway.

This works well but is tricky to set up depending on your VPN requirements. I use the Ironsocket privacy proxy service configured so that all my clients automatically connect to the VPN service via my R7000 without needing PC or device clients.

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This is dead simple search

This is dead simple search for policy based routing and openvpn. You just instruct openvpn to only route specific clients through vpn, the rest uses your normal connection.