Tomato for Netgear 7000

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Tomato for Netgear 7000

Hi guys

I just switch from Brainslyer to Tomato on my R7000.


Trouble free.

All services I use work perfectly. (Vlans, QOS, DDNS, Static Leases, access restrictions to block Torrents, NTP Client, port forwarding, keep alive settings, telnet, SSH)

Love the GUI,

Simple to use, easy to understand, I love the scheduler and Web Usage page.

I use the Netgear 7000 as my main router connected to the Internet and some ubiquity wireless products to networking my neighborhood, I still use DD-WRT on some small TP-link and Linksys routers.

I have to thank Kong, and all you guys for support I received over the years while troubleshooting.

I don’t think I am going back to DD-WRT on my R7000, in that same breath if it wasn’t for the time spent experimenting  with DD-WRT I would have not have been able to use Tomato with such ease.



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There is another firmware

There is another firmware option now for the R7000 if you are not aware. XWRT by XVortex. It is a modified version of RMerlin's firmware for the Asus products. HAs a great interface and is very stable on the R7000.  Provides lots of options like Tomato and DD-WRT do. Folks state that they never had as fast performance from their R7000 until they installed this. Even works well for folks with 1gig Internet connection. 

I have run Tomato and DD-WRT on my R7000. Never was real happy with them but were better then OEM. XWRT runs much better for me and I will not be installing the others again as things stand now. As long as XVortex keeps providing the RMerlin firmware for the R7000 I will stick with it. 

Here is link to info and download site.