Restore Netgear Firmware

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Restore Netgear Firmware

What's the technique to restore Netgear Firmware?  The TFTP at boot time method doesn't appear to work.

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Through web UI you can

Through web UI you can restore netgear firmware successfully. The procedure is -

Go to the url and log in as root,password is admin.

Then go to Administration -> Firmware Upgrade.

Now select the firmware you want to restore and click on Upgrade button.

It will take some time and the firmware is upgraded successfully.

Once the firmware is upgraded then log in to as root/admin.

Before doing anything you should Factory Reset the firmware fiirst.



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Thank you for the guidance, I

Thank you for the guidance, I was imagining it was going to be way more complex than it actually was.

You were absolutely correct - just flashing the latest Netgear official firmware from the DD-WRT Firmware Upgrade page worked fine.