Did I brick my R7000?

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Did I brick my R7000?

So I freely admit, I have little idea about what I'm doing, but I followed the guide from


I successfully flashed the most recent chk file from this very website, and got DD WRT working.  I am using this router as a VPN, and so after attempting to change the default gateway so as not to conflict with my primary router, the R7000 stopped responding.  I can no longer even log in to the router using default gateway nor the gateway I changed it to.  I checked ipconfig/all and it no longer even lists a default gateway; it's just not there.  I'm wired into the lan correctly, but it won't show the gateway.

I reset the router using the 30-30-30 rule holding the power switch and the reset button, but still nothing.  I have no idea how to proceed.  What did I do wrong, and is there any way forward to fix this?  Thanks.

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Well if you bricked it, the

Well if you bricked it, the procedure is available in the DD-WRT forums and yes you will need some hardware.

That said, sounds like you didn't wait patiently for the router to do its thing. Have you tried just holding in the reset pin? And starting over.