DDWRT or Tomato, and how to install

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DDWRT or Tomato, and how to install

The netgear firmware is terrible I dont get the download speeds I should be getting but I do when hooked up directly to the modem. I have experience flashing my old router to advanced tomato but I cant find anything for this router. Which firmware is better tomato or DDWRT? And how do I install them?

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Using Advanced Tomato: ​

I successfully flashed my R6400 with the latest AdvancedTomato
a couple months ago and it works fine so far.  We use the on/off button
to engage the WiFi when we need that, and both the 2.4 & 5 GHz
radios connect to our devices with no problems.

So far I have no complaints about Shibby-style Tomato.