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Netgear r6400v2 firmware

Hi guys

Does anyone know what is different from r6400v1?

i've seen that @Tathagata Das has released a couple of weeks ago a ddwrt firmware for it. Anyone flashed it yet? Is it stable?

was it hard to port?



Peter Redmer
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I don't have an R6400v2 on

I don't have an R6400v2 on hand to test, so unfortunately I can't comment on that part :) To my knowledge, the R6400v2 does have some hardware (possibly chipset) differences for wireless performance, which required a new build of the firmware.

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so what can i do to test?

so what can i do to test?


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Hi, I own Netgear R6400v2. I

Hi, I own Netgear R6400v2. I want to thank @Tathagata Das for the dd-wrt firmware, nice job man, I hope you will continue updating the firmware.

Is there any possibility in the following firmware updates to include an option to switch off the routers lights. They are very annoying in the dark room.


Keep up the good work and THANKS AGAIN winkyes

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I would like to to some work

I would like to to some work with this router but I never worked on this stuff. Apparently (as I briefly saw on the dd-wrt website) checking which are the GPIO ports for switching LEDs on and off shouldn't be that difficult (I would still be a bit afraid of trying stuff since this router is expensive)...

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I've just bought an R6400 but

I've just bought an R6400 but can't tell whether it's the V1 or the V2. Is the V2 model clearly indicated as being R6400v2 on the outside of the case and the packaging?

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i don't know if it's written

i don't know if it's written on the box, probably not, but in the configuration page it is, for sure

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Try this:

Try this:

gpio enable 1; gpio enable 2; gpio enable 3; gpio enable 6; gpio enable 7; gpio enable 8;gpio enable 9;gpio disable 10;gpio disable 11;gpio enable 12;gpio enable 13

Enter it in the command Shell and click run command. For me is working but sometimes the LEDs are switching back on.

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I just bought a "R6400" and

I just bought a "R6400" and got a v2. The only mention of v2 on the OUTSIDE of the box is the "Package Contents" list, where it says "(R6400v2)". Everywhere else on the box it just says R6400.  And the Amazon page only says "R6400".
Picture of the outside of the box here:

I haven't opened my box yet because I might return it, but the R6400v2 User Manual indicates I'll see "R6400v2" on the unit's label sticker (PDF page 16):

Also, here's some hardware dif specs:  (Broadcom BCM4708A0, 800MHz dual core)    (Broadcom BCM4708C0, 1,000MHz)

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That is correct. The version

That is correct. The version will show on the package and the bottom of the router. Looking at the Netgear web site, I think the v2 is the only version being made now so guess they transitioned over to this? If you look at the specs for the r6400 on the site it says v2 no mention of v1. Anyway, I have had Tathagata Das's DD-WRT up and running as a VPN for 25 hours now with no issues. Special thanks for putting that together!! yes  Hopefully, he will continue to support it!

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I installed Tathagata Das's

I installed Tathagata Das's firmware but I had one problem, my download speed was only 50mbit on my 150mbit line. I googled the problem, some ddwrt users had the same and for them enabling SFE was the solution, but I coudnt find the option in this firmware, now I'm back to factory

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Looks like SFE (shortcut

Looks like SFE (shortcut forwarding engine) is an option for build 33006 and up. Maybe we will get there one day...

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Same situation for me with

Same situation for me with the v2 hardware. The wifi signal went way down, and manually setting it to 70dBm didn't seem to fix the problem. All other features seemed to be working OK, but I unfortunately had to back to the stock firmware. That sucks, because I liked the extra settings, and the platform worked great on my older Linksys from a few years ago. The good news is that the stock firmware has really good QoS controls, so performance is good out of the box. BTW, there have been 2 'stock' firmware upgrades to this device since the most recent openrouter build. If anyone releases a new version based on this/current version of dd-wrt or tomato let me know, I'll be happy to beta test.

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 I am looking to test this

 I am looking to test this firmaware myself but wan to be sure I can revert to factory if needed.  Did you use the revert file 

ddwrt-other downloads-betas ...webflash.bin

from the DDWRT site ?




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I am new to DD-wrt but have installed it on my Netgear 6400v2 router.  (using K3_R6400v2_18-Aug-2017.chk and dd-wrt.v24-K3_AC_ARM_STD_128K.bin). 
Since installing I no longer have 5ghz capability and my connection is so weak (between 19/70 and 23/70) that it keeps dropping. I am using this as a second router. (connecting to the first router via LAN to WAN) with the intent to use the 6400 router to connect to a VPN service and have the other wireless unsecure.  I have looked thru a lot of forums/blogs/websites trying to increase my connectivity changing channel, beacon interval, and Tx power and nothing seems to work. When I look at the status page it shows the

Router Model as R7000P not the 6400v2 I was expecting.

Firmware version is DD-WRT v3.0-r33435M kongac (10/08/17),

Kernal Version is Linux 4.4.89 #448 SMP Sun Oct 8 10:09:05 CEST 2017 armv7l

CPU model is Broadcom BCM4708.

Is there something I am missing? Some way of improving this speed? Why is the Model incorrect? What happened to the 5Ghz capability of this router?

I am stumped. Did I need to use DD-wrt to access the VPN services I wanted? Can/should I go back to manufacturer’s firmware?

Any help would be appreciated.


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Looks like you installed the

Looks like you installed the wrong firmware. I installed the dd-wrt from tathagata das and apart from some 5GHz weirdyness it was working, 5GHz wifi included. The only thing I was not sure was about the speed of the 5GHz wifi because the settings feels kind of crappy (and I'm new to dd-wrt)

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Any news on other firmware

Any news on other firmware support, Tomato maybe yes

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Anyone know how to optimize

Anyone know how to optimize the throughput speed on this thing? I have the Tathagata Das version of the firmware, but I seem to be only getting about 350Mbps on my ATT fiber 1gb line.


Have there been updates to the Tathagata Das version?  Is there a Tomato version yet?



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Hi guys!

Hi guys!

I bought an R6400v2 yesterday and wanted to flash DD-WRT on it since I want to use it as an VPN client. Is the Tathagata build recommended or are there any other builds I could use?


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Someone knows if exists

Someone knows if exists OpenWRT for r6400v2? Thank you.

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I flashed the firmware  K3

I flashed the firmware  K3_R6400V2_25-May-2017.chk  on a Netgear r6400v2 from MicroCenter ( $99 )   purchased 2018m04d08

At first everything seemed great.  Then I tried adding some wireless VAPs.  I could only add 3 for the 2.45GHz range and 3 for the 5GHZ RANGE.  These worked at first and then I tried some variations.  I tried making them unbridged and set up separate subnets.  I began having problems.  One VAP could not be connected to. Then another one failed to connect.  Soon all the wireless acess points were unavailable.  Removing them and starting over did not work.  The physical access points quit working.  I tried all sorts of variations plus resetting ..... Then the physical LAN stopped working.

Any suggestions on what to look for ?  I think I had the logging function turned on during this descent into non-operability.



Gus in Denver     99guspuppet     gus99puppet


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How did you restore it to

How did you restore it to stock firmware? I've been trying to do this myself but I haven't gotten it to work yet.

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I am using the Tathagata on

I am using the Tathagata on my 6400v2 and it works fine (I am not really doing any fancy setups on it). 2.4 works nicely and 5 ghz seems ok too, apart from some rate fluctuations. To my knowledge there is no update to this build. I was disappointed there is no Kong mod (I've been using those for years, clean and stable). He claims in his own post that his build is for v1 and v2 but I seriously doubt this... there seem to be hardware differences that require a separate build. Kongs latest 6400 build can't be flashed on a v2 by the way, the Netgear firmware rejects it. Overall I'm ok with the Tathagata build though, other than it not being updated.

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Hint: Once you have installed

Hint: Once you have installed Tathagata's build on the 6400v2 and restart you can install Kong's 6400 DDWRT right on top of it. Only Netgear firmware does that weird header check... but going from one DDWRT build to another is easy (granted it is suitable for your router, of course). I can confirm the 7000P listing in the system info... I would guess that the 6400v2 actually uses the same motherboard as the 7000P. Looking up the info in Wikidev they both use the same 1Ghz dual-core processor and memory. The wireless chipset seems to be slightly different though. Maybe someone with lots of time and experience can check out if the 7000P build works on a 6400v2. I have long used the Kong builds because they get updated frequently.

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And... update... I have

And... update... I have installed the latest (stable) Kong build for 6400 on the v2 and I like it so far. I did enable SFE and it makes a difference for sure.