NordVPN -- Any user here that use it?

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NordVPN -- Any user here that use it?

Does anyone use NordVPN as their VPN? In order to get the full benefit of the VPN, you need DD-WRT firmware. I have the NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 AD7200 R9000. I know nothing about flashing a router. Do I download the file and flash my router and be done with it. or are there more steps?

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In order to setup VPN client

In order to setup VPN client connection on your router, it has to support at least one of these connection types: PPTPL2TP or OpenVPN. Furthermore, it has to support it as a "Client" (as opposed to a "Server") this is what NordVPN is saying. Is there something here that will accomplish all of this?

Thanks again

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Yes I use it with my r9000 as

Yes I use it with my R9000 as the client. Works ok. Performance is so-so. About 40mb download and 10 upload on a 300mb connection. Not great but it serves the purpose. The OpenVPN client in the router is not the best...

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I am using NordVPN on a

I am using NordVPN on a Netgear R7000 flashed with Tomato.

I two VPN  connections running on the router under client 1 (in country) and 2 (in another country)

It words quite good.

The NordVPN have good instructions for routers running flashed firmware and their help was very good with some connection tweaking.

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I'm still trying to figure

I'm still trying to figure out the reason of having to go through this for NordVPN. Is there any good reason and see is flashing with Tomato any better than DD-WRT?