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Firmware recommendations

Hi guys,

I have a netgear r8000, can anyone recommend the best firmware for this model, I am currently on latest stock but have been looking at dd-wrt and openwrt. The router is mainly used for streaming.


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je me posais une question  apres flash  on peut toujours utiliser l'application Nighthawk  sur android  ou impossible 

merci d'avance

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The Latest Builds of DD-WRT

The Latest Builds of DD-WRT have been working well and seem to be getting updated (supported) frequently.  Current (Firmware: DD-WRT v3.0-r45632 std (01/31/21))


Matt king
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I have the Netgear AC3200 TRI

I have the Netgear AC3200 TRI BAND WIFI ROUTER


My biggest problem is that i am not able to log into the router.

I tried using the ethernet cable with the modem and through the App

I am fraustrated. 

What other options do I have??



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I have tried Tomato but I

I have tried Tomato but I could not get decent (or even average) wifi speeds and the Ethernet connection kept reverting to 100mb's so I swithced to DD-WRT and It was better for speed but would spontaniously reboot,  sad to say the best results were the Stock Firmware althoogh I miss Tomato the most.