Automation Scripts: DD-WRT Download and Build for NETGEAR WGR614L/v8

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The release contains three scripts :

I am assuming that you already install proper toolchain for compiling DD-WRT code.

1. You can run from any directory provided you have write permission into that directory. For example you can run it from /home/MOR. This script would create DD-WRT directory in that path and source code will be downloaded under that directory (/home/MOR/DD-WRT).
It starts by downloading the tools and the opt directory at first. These directories contain some usable tools and scripts. Then it creates a src directory under DD-WRT where different router packages and linux distribution are downloaded.
Though DD-WRT provides option of selecting several platform and linux combination , for WGR614L we are only downloading the linux distribution (linux.v24_2) which is used in DD-WRT build for WGR614L.
Upto this point DD-WRT distribution, needed for WGR614L build, has been downloaded.

2. This downloaded code contains some executables which can not be executed in a 32-bit environment and also it contains some router packages where Makefiles are absent.
The script is used to get rid of these two problems. It removes the executables for 64-bit environment and recompiles the corresponding source code(s) to generate 32-bit executables. Then it runs make configure to generate missing Makefile(s).
Again can be run from anywhere but for convenience we keep it in the same directory as
It takes as argument the location of DD-WRT directory as shown below :
./ /home/MOR/DD-WRT.

After these two steps we have a DD-WRT distribution that we can build for WGR614L.

3. The third script i.e is used to compile DD-WRT distribution and create a chk file to be flashed to WGR614L.

At first it compiles the packages under router directory and then it compiles linux. Both these things are done by the 'make' command given at line no.3 of the script .
The next command 'make install' copies the executables into target directory. This target directory is basically our rootfs which will be later converted to squashfs file system. Then the script trims some directories under the target directory and also it copies few libraries, shared objects and .conf files from different folders to corresponding folders in target directory. These stuff will go as part of rootfs.
Next it creates a rootfs in squashfs format using the target folder .
After this it creates a trx file using the compressed kernel and rootfs(in squashfs format).
Finally it creates a chk file using this trx file .
The chk file dd-wrt.chk is created in /home/MOR/DD-WRT/opt directory.

NOTE: At present there is an issue . Before step 3 we need to go to directory
/home/MOR/DD-WRT/src/router and run make clean;make.
Then we need to perform step 3.
This is required only for the first time compilation . I am looking into this
and will solve it as soon as possible.

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