DD-WRT Kong Mod for NETGEAR R9000 (2018-5-14 INITIAL)

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This is the .IMG file used to upgrade from stock NETGEAR firmware on the R9000 to DD-WRT.
Flashing from one Kong build to another requires the .BIN file.



R9000 build:

Flash R9000-factory-to-ddwrt.img build from Netgear firmware.
Once dd-wrt is running you have to use ddwrt-netgear-R9000.bin
to flash future updates.

Currently known issue:

-2G and 5G leds are not operational since they cannot be controlled through gpio.
 Current opensource wireless driver has no support to control these leds.

-60G interface info is currently not correctly display in status pages and
 due to missing 60G client, 60G operation is untested

If you want to revert to netgear firmware flash: ddwrt-to-netgear-fw-R9000.bin