DD-WRT for NETGEAR R6400v2 (2017-08-18) (rev31884)

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Firmware Upgrade Procedure:-
Always use the following steps to upgrade your firmware.

- Perform reset to factory defaults setting in existing Firmware.
- Perform Firmware Upgrade.
- Perform reset to factory defaults setting in newly upgraded DD-WRT Firmware.
- Use DD-WRT in your router.

DDWRT firmware is based on revision 31884.

DDWRT firmware is based on revision 31884.

Features Included :-
- Wireless Basic
- Wireless Security
- Wireless Guest Network
- Wireless Guest NetWrok Security
- USB Storage
- USB auto-mount Support (Single and multiple partition)
- File System (VFAT, Ext2, Ext3, NTFS)
- Firmware Upgrade
- Factory Reset
- Backup Settings
- Reset Button
- WAN Configurable in STATIC, DHCP ,PPPoE and PPTP mode
- Secure Shell (SSH)
- Telnet
- Remote WebGUI Management
- Remote Telnet Management
- Remote SSH Management
- PPTP VPN Server
- PPPoE Server
- Lighttpd
- Free-Radius    
- Adblocking
- Wesite Blocking (By URL and Keyword)
- iperf3
- Scheduled Reboot
- Boot Wait
- Cron
- Syslog
- MAC Address Clone
- Port Forrowarding
- Port Range Forrwarding
- Port Triggering
- UPnP
- miniDLNA
- Qos
- Bandwidth Monitoring




R6400v2 ONLY!
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