DD-WRT source code for R7000 Router

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If you would like to build your own version of DD-WRT for Netgear's R7000 Router here are the basic steps.


  • A 32-bit Linux machine (I use Fedora 14)
  • DD-WRT source code of R7000 Download Size:760578127 bytes (725.34MB)
  • Toolchain to compile DD-WRT source code (Use the same toolchain that is used for compiling the stock source code).
  • Compilation should be done as root user.


1. Create a directory path for toolchain.

  • mkdir -p /projects/hnd/tools/linux/

2. Copy toolchain to that directory.

  • cp hndtools-arm-linux-2.6.36-uclibc-4.5.3.tar.bz2 /projects/hnd/tools/linux/

3. Decompress toolchain.

  • cd /projects/hnd/tools/linux/
  • tar -jxvf hndtools-arm-linux-2.6.36-uclibc-4.5.3.tar.bz2

4. Comment out the definition

  • "typedef float float_t;" in the file "hndtools-arm-linux-2.6.36-uclibc-4.5.3/arm-brcm-linux-uclibcgnueabi/sysroot/usr/include/bits/mathdef.h"

5. Export toolchain path.

  • export PATH=/projects/hnd/tools/linux/hndtools-arm-linux-2.6.36-uclibc-4.5.3/bin/:$PATH

6. Decompress DD-WRT source code.

  • tar -zxvf dd-wrt_R7000_2-Sep-2013.tgz

7. Select configuration file.

  • cd dd-wrt/src/router
  • cp .config_R7000 .config

8. Compile the source code.

  • make -f Makefile.brcm_arm configure clean all install

On successful compilation, DD-WRT firmware of Negear R7000 will be created.

  • Filename: "dd-wrt.v24-K26_R7000.chk"
  • Path: "dd-wrt/src/router/arm-uclib

File Size: