Solution for TRX Errors on NETGEAR Builds

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This file should solve the problem with Netgear builds due to trx related errors.

The Netgear source code for the WGR614L includes an incorrect binary file trx - which is a x86_64 executable and does not run on 32 bit x86 architectures.

1. Unzip

2. Copy the trx into bcm5354/tools directory replacing the original trx utility.

3. Make sure to run chmod a+x bcm5354/tools/trx to make the file executable.

4. Run bcm5354/tools/trx and you should a message - given at the end of this comment.

5. Once you get this message, make sure you have bcm5354 in your path variables and the trx step in the makefile should go through.

Error [0] : no input files
usage: trx [options] [-b offset] [file] [-b offset] [-x start] [file] ...
-h, --help This message
-o, --output Output stream (default stdout)
-f, --flag Flags (noheader)
-b, --offset Offset of file within output stream or
0 for immediately after the previous file
-x, --start Start of binary (used by USB RDL code)

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