Tomato Firmware for NETGEAR WGR614L

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This Tomato firmware is built on the latest driver and source code of Tomato that is available as of now.

It runs on both CFE 1.5 (EU Version) and CFE 1.3. I have tested most of the features and all are working fine. This is a beta version release.

To untar this file, please use the following command:

tar -jxvf Tomato_Firmware.tar.bz2

I would like to request you all to test it on your WGR614L board and let me know the result. Uploading mechanism is same as before. You can use the GUI or console to upgrade this firmware.

You can find one README file also which will help you to upgrade the firmware.

Please post your comments and questions in this forum thread:

You can download the source code for this release via the download link here.

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