Tomato for WGR614L-20080204v11

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Tomato version ported to Netgear WGR614L. This is an alpha version and you should use this if you already have serial console available to you. The source code for this firmware version will be posted here shortly - continue to watch the download section!

Files are contained in a ZIP format archive.

1. Use tftp-tomato-WGR614L-20080204v11.chk
to upgrade from a NETGEAR firmware or tftp.

2. Use upgrade-tomato-WGR614L-20080204v11.trx
to upgrade from another version of Tomato.

3. You must use the tftp-tomato-WGR614L-20080204v11.chk if you want to reflash the firmware using the tftpd server.

Please post any and all feedback on this, and thank you for visiting the site!

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