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This directory contain the following files:

1. : A script that can be used to generate Netgear compatible firmware images *after* building Tomato.

2. addchkhdr.c : A .c file to add relevant headers - based on tomato's btools/fpkg.c

3. wgr614l*-lzma.chk : firmware image compatible with New Netgear bootloaders.

Normally you may not need to do this - but if you are compiling tomato from the source code, then
after tomato is succesfully built and the make completes, you should run:

$ TOMATO_SRC=~/tomato/bcm5354/src to create a Netgear compatible chk image. Remember to change the directory to where your Tomato source code resides.


WPA and WPA2 encryption experiencing issues. See this thread for more details:

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