Other Firmware for R7800

Voxel's Custom Firmware for NETGEAR R7800 (


1. Integration of changes from the latest stock v.
2. Correction of several bugs introduced with the stock v.
3. OpenVPN client changes: it is forced to use core 0 (affinity).
4. OpenVPN client changes: net-wall script is corrected to process "restart" argument (thanks to kamoj).
5. ubus package is upgraded 2017-11-13->2018-01-16.
6. curl package is upgraded 7.57.0->7.58.0.
7. liblz4 package is upgraded 1.8.0->




Voxel's Custom Firmware for NETGEAR R7800 (

1. Integration of changes from the latest stock v.
    Security fixes:
      https://kb.netgear.com/000053137/Security-Advisory-for-Security-Misconfiguration-on-Some-Routers-and-Gateways-PSV-2016-0131 Release Notes:
2. Correction of NG bug in cron setting for logrotate and QoS monitoring (found by kamoj).
3. tar pckage is upgraded 1.29->1.30.
4. uci package is upgraded 2017-09-29->2018-01-01.
5. libubox package is upgraded 2017-10-06->2018-01-07.
6. e2fsprogs package is upgraded 1.43.7->1.43.8.
7. dnscrypt-resolvers.csv is updated.



R7800 Image with built-in OpenVPN from Icing Service

This customized R7800 image from Icing Service includes the following features -
  • Free home router firmware download 
  • 100% original Netgear home router offerings preserved 
  • Plug-in secured VPN client
  • Dedicated 2.4G and 5G VPN Guest SSIDs 
  • Zero setting on router needed
  • No VPN client dial on any home device
  • Whole home coverage - Serving for any type of home wireless device
  • Ultra user experience - simple, reliable, super fast 

Refer here for the details https://www.icingservice.com/


Voxel's Custom Firmware for NETGEAR R7800 (

1. Integration of changes from the latest stock v.

2. Correction of new bugs in the stock

        * Bug in WebGUI: BASIC->ReadySHARE->ReadyCLOUD (404 page not found).

        * Bug in WebGUI: ADVANCED->ReadySHARE->Media Server (iTunes server control exists, but package itself is removed).

    * avahi service: lack of adisk.service template.

    * etc. (several repeated in each release of stock firmware)

3. forked-daapd package (iTunes Server) is removed, the same removal as in the stock

4. libconfuse, libmxml, libantlr3c, libplist, libasound are removed (were used solely by forked-daapd, not needed now).

5. haveged package is added to feed the kernel entropy pool.

6. QoS: redis server/client package is upgraded 2.6.13->2.6.17 (i.e. to latest stable 2.6.x), its memory management scheme is changed.

7. OpenSSL is upgraded 1.0.2m->1.0.2n. Major changes (OpenSSL changelog):

        Read/write after SSL object in error state (CVE-2017-3737)

        rsaz_1024_mul_avx2 overflow bug on x86_64 (CVE-2017-3738)

8. ubus package is upgraded 2017-11-06->2017-11-13.

9. ffmpeg package is upgraded 0.11.2->3.2.9.

10. curl package is upgraded 7.56.1->7.57.0.

11. default congestion control is changed back to yeah, rmem_max/wmem_max values are increased.

12. dnscrypt-resolvers.csv is updated.

13. Several additional packages are optimized to minimize resulting size.



Voxel's Custom Firmware for NETGEAR R7800 (1.02.39.SF)

1. Most important: samba write speed is imporved (thanks to RMerlin for his tip (affinity)).
2. Changes in OpenVPN servers startup script (first is now using core0, second: core1).
3. Changes in OpenVPN client (now it is using core1).
4. taskset utility is added.
5. e2fsprogs package is upgraded 1.43.6->1.43.7.
6. curl package is upgraded 7.55.1->7.56.1.
7. ethtool package is upgaded 4.11->4.13.
8. wget package is upgraded 1.19.1->1.19.2.
9. Host tools: three components are upgraded.
10. Toolchain: Patch is added to compiler (to support compilation by gcc 6.3.0).

Additional information and downloads available via Voxel's website.

Voxel's Custom Firmware for NETGEAR R7800 (1.02.36.SF)

1. Most important: samba is upgaded 3.0.24->3.6.25 (with all security patches).
2. ncurses package is upgraded 5.9->6.0.
3. util-linux package is upgraded 2.28->2.30.1.
4. liblz4 package is upgraded 1.7.5->1.8.0.
5. e2fsprogs package is upgraded 1.43.5->1.43.6.
6. Host tools: e2fsprogs is upgraded too.

Voxel's Custom Firmware for NETGEAR R7800 (1.02.33.SF)

Voxel's custom firmware for the NETGEAR R7800 (Updated July 2017)

Changes (vs
1. OpenVPN is upgraded 2.4.2->2.4.3.
2. OpenVPN behavior is changed. Now If it fails to connect to
server, WAN LED will be amber. In case of success it will be white. Also
it is possible for users to modify OpenVPN client UP and DOWN scripts
to add own reaction e.g. in the case of lost connection
(/etc/openvpn/ovpnclient-up.sh and /etc/openvpn/ovpnclient-down.sh).
Thanks to kamoj for his help and testing.
3. NETGEAR Downloader: added new patch to Transmission 2.92+. Now
NETGEAR Downloader displays filenames and their size correctly.
4. minidlna is upgraded 1.1.5->1.2.0.
5. dnscrypt-proxy is compiled with plugins support (request from Charles).
6. dnscrypt-resolvers.csv is updated.
7. Host tools: one component is upgraded to most recent versions.
No reset is needed to upgrade from a previous version of Voxel's firmware.
Additional downloads and Voxel's readme can be found here:
Voxel's Firmware




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