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Voxel's Custom Firmware for NETGEAR Nighthawk R9000 (


1. OpenSSL is upgraded 1.0.2l->1.0.2m. Fixes (OpenSSL changelog):

        * bn_sqrx8x_internal carry bug on x86_64 (CVE-2017-3736).

        * Malformed X.509 IPAddressFamily could cause OOB read (CVE-2017-3735).

2. Changes in OpenVPN client:

        * Now Power LED is blinking if router fails to connect to OpenVPN server.

        * "--cd $OPENVPN_CONF_DIR" option is added to startup script.

3. Bug in openvpn-easy-rsa package is fixed (cert files regeneration, OpenSSL 0.9.8->1.0.0).

4. e2fsprogs package is upgraded 1.43.6->1.43.7.

5. curl package is upgraded 7.55.1->7.56.1.

6. ethtool package is upgaded 4.11->4.13.

7. wget package is upgraded 1.19.1->1.19.2.

8. iperf package is upgraded 2.0.9a->2.0.10.

9. libubox package is upgraded 2017-09-29->2017-10-06.

10. ubus package is upgraded 2017-02-18->2017-11-06.

11. libxml package is upgraded 2.9.6->2.9.7.

12. sqlite package is upgraded 3200100->3210000.

13. expat package is upgraded 2.2.4->2.2.5.

14. dnscrypt-resolvers.csv is updated.

15. Host tools: three components are upgraded.

16. Toolchain: Patch is added to compiler (to support compilation by gcc 6.3.0).



Voxel's Custom Firmware for NETGEAR Nighthawk R9000 (


1. OpenVPN is upgraded 2.4.3->2.4.4.
2. minidlna is upgraded 1.2.0->1.2.1.
3. sqlite package is upgraded 3190300->3200100.
4. libxml2 package is upgraded 2.9.5->2.9.6.
5. libubox ackage is upgraded 2017-06-17->2017-09-29.
6. uci package is upgraded 2017-04-12->2017-09-29.
7. util-linux package is upgraded 2.30.1->2.30.2.
8. curl package is upgraded 7.54.1->7.55.1.
9. libsodium package is upgraded 1.0.13->1.0.15.
10. dnscrypt-resolvers.csv is updated.
11. Host tools: mpfr is upgraded.
12. Toolchain: binutils is upgraded to version 2.29.1.
13. Samba user "root" is added (allows mapping drive with root permissions).
14. Minor bug in dbus is fixed.
15. Experimental: -funsafe-math-optimizations option is added.

Additional information and downloads available via Voxel's website.

Voxel's Custom Firmware for NETGEAR Nighthawk R9000 (

1. Most important: samba is upgaded 3.0.24->3.6.25 (with all security patches).
2. ncurses package is upgraded 5.9->6.0.
3. util-linux package is upgraded 2.28->2.30.1.
4. liblz4 package is upgraded 1.7.5->1.8.0.
5. e2fsprogs package is upgraded 1.43.5->1.43.6.
6. WebGUI: font size for logs is increased.
7. Host tools: e2fsprogs is upgraded too.
8. Toolchain: uClibc, several patches are added (needed for compilation util-linux).

HW” version means hardware acceleration of OpenSSL.

Voxel's Firmware

Voxel's Custom Firmware for NETGEAR Nighthawk R9000 (

Changes (vs

1. ReadyCLOUD GUI access problem is fixed (problem reported by Bartman).
2. ReadyCLOUD version is upgraded 20170214->20170711.
3. expat package is upgraded 2.2.2->2.2.3.
4. e2fsprogs package is upgraded 1.43.4->1.43.5.
5. OpenVPN clinet startup script is optimized.
6. Host tools: one component is upgraded.

HW” version means hardware acceleration of OpenSSL.

Voxel's Firmware

Voxel's Custom Firmware for NETGEAR X10 R9000 (

Voxel's custom firmware build for the NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 R9000

Notes from Voxel:

1. More optimal compiler options are used for compilation to utilize full power of router’s CPU/FPU (Alpine AL-514, Cortex-A15).
2. New toolchain (compilation tools) is used (stability, more optimal codes).
3. SSH server is included (dropbear).
4. Possibility to extend the functionality of router with additional
software packages (Entware-ng/Entware-3x, more than 2000 additional
packages and/or chroot-ed Debian).
5. OpenSSL is optimized with assembler optimization, so OpenVPN should work much faster.
6. Possibility to use own CA/CERT/KEY/DH files for OpenVPN (your own OpenVPN server settings)
7. Additional packages such as e.g. Transmission, bittorent cient with its own GUI, dnscrypt-proxy (your privacy) etc.
8. Upgraded a lot of old packages used in stock FW to most recent
versions taken from OpenWRT/LEDE. I.e. increase of stability, speed,
closed security holes, corrected bugs.

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No reset is needed to upgrade from a previous version of Voxel's firmware.

Additional downloads and Voxel's readme can be found here:

Voxel's Firmware