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Netgear Stock Firmware For WNR3500L North America

here is a newer version of netgears stock firmware if needed

Bug Fixes:
�?�Fixed DNS flood issue.

OpenWrt r36132 for NETGEAR WNR3500L

I've been waiting long. Finally can use OpenWrt on the WNR3500L. This build is a basic system and can be expanded through the package manager.

This build should be used only by experienced users!

What's available:
- Base System
- Broadcom proprietary driver
- LuCI Webconfiguration

What works:
- Network (Ethernet, Wireless G+)

What does not work:
- LED, Button Configuration

Install the image. If you do not know how, then this build is not suitable for you. The router should be accessible at SSH works only after a password has been set. That you can telnet or LuCI do. Study the OpenWrt documentation.

I'm using the build on my WNR3500L as wireless client bridge. I welcome feedback and suggestions.

NETGEAR WNR3500Lv2 Official Stock Firmware (Prebuilt .CHK Format)

This is the official stock NETGEAR firmware for the WNR3500Lv2 open source router.

For flashing instructions when coming from a third party firmware, see this guide:


WNR3500L-V1.2.2.30_34.0.37NA Firmware for SamKnows Router

Stock WNR3500L-V1.2.2.30_34.0.37NA firmware compiled to install on SamKnows modified router

LED control for WNR3500L

control the LEDs on your WNR3500L router by using this tool on the routers commandline.
I.e: to turn the power-led off you may use
ledctl power_green off

Package contains source-code for use with openwrt build environment and ipk-file for use with opkg.

MiniDLNA for WNR3500L (static version)

Statically linked minidlna package for WNR3500L.

Just copy the binary to the USB drive on the router.

Edit minidlna.conf
1. Set up media directories:
2. Set up database and log file directory:
3. If the kernel on the router is not inotify enabled:

start.sh/stop.sh scripts are included.

OpenWRT for NETGEAR WNR3500L (Kamikaze 8.09.2)

This package contains a script that automatically downloads source code of Kamikaze-8.09.2 and make it ready for compilation for Netgear WNR3500L. You need to run the script only.

A pre-compiled CHK firmware file is also included for upgrade from NETGEAR firmware.

Before running this script ensure one thing that this script and wnr3500l_8.09.2.tar (you can find it in this package) are in the same directory. Otherwise put them into same directory and then run the script. On successful completion your code will be ready for compilation.

You can run the script by the command below.
$sh openwrt_build_8.09.2.sh

To compile the source code you need to give following command in the openwrt directory.

$make V=99

If everythings goes well then you can find the firmware under bin directory. Name of the firmware is openwrt_wnr3500l_8.09.2.chk

Main Features added:
* Wireless with almost all security features.
* Wireless configuration through GUI.
* USB with multiple partitionis.
* Remote login using ssh.

* WPA and WPA2 Enterprise are not supported.

ftdi_sio kernel module for K2.6

This .tar.gz contains ftdi_sio kernel module (driver), compiled for WNR3500L and kernel 2.6.x.

At first, active USB support, load usbserial kernel module with insmod, copy archives to /jffs/ or other writable directory and then load ftdi_sio with insmod.

With this driver you can use your FTDI USB-to-serial converter dispositive. Normally, you will have a new /dev/usb/tts/0 for use as COM in a normal computer.

It's running OK for me, anyway use it under your own risk.

Leaf Networks Enabled Firmware for WNR3500L (North America)

Firmware for the NETGEAR WNR3500L with Leaf Networks file sharing built-in.

For more information on using Leaf Networks with your WNR3500L, click here.