2 Newbie Q's: How do i Install dd-wrt, and...

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2 Newbie Q's: How do i Install dd-wrt, and...

hey everyone,


I recently purchased a WGR614v8, at least thats what the web based thing tells me it is.  My first question is how do i go about installing dd-wrt on my router, and which version of it should i use?  My second question is, is my router the same as a WGR614L because on the supported device page on dd-wrt it say that my router and the WGR614L have the same hardware?

Peter Redmer
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Thanks for joining up! Hope

Thanks for joining up! Hope you like the forums so far.

Here are some answers to help you out:

1. Yes, the WGR614v8 is the same as the WGR614L.

2. The latest version of DD-WRT was contributed to our site by Eko, and can be downloaded via this page.

There is an installation guide for DD-WRT, written by Nachi, that is available by clicking here.

Hopefully these links will help you out. Please post on the forums about your experiences upgrading your firmware!