2 WNR3500Ls with 2 IP Subnets vs. XBox Live

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2 WNR3500Ls with 2 IP Subnets vs. XBox Live

Here's a brief overview of my network.

TimeWarner Cable Modem >> WAN port on "Downstairs" WNR3500L (Dynamic IP)

Downstairs LAN ( >> WAN port on "Upstairs" WNR3500 (

Upstairs LAN ( >> XBox (Permanent DHCP

Both are running Netgear's V1.2.2.44_35.0.53NA firmware (I tried Tomato on one of them, but it didn't fix my problem and I lost my guest network).

I've currently got port forwarding directing TCP/UDP traffic on port 3074 on the downstairs router to  Port 3074 is then forwarded to the IP address for the xbox.  With this configuration, the xbox will at least connect to Live, but it's completely unusable.

I've also (against my better judgement) setup QoS rules on each router for port 3074 to allow this traffic to plow on through.

I have it setup this way so that I can kill my children's network (Upstairs) via a schedule and access control.  They're also setup to use OpenDNS so that I can keep them away from my beloved porn.

Is my port forwarding logic sound?

I've also tried forwarding the port through the downstairs router and use UPnP on the upstairs router.  That didn't really have any effect.