25% packet loss

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25% packet loss

Ok so I bought this router 4 days ago.. to replace a d-link dir-615 wich was dropping the connections. I chose NetGear after reading that it was good, so I went for it.

Current Setup:
Basement: Windows XP Desktop Computer wich is wired
Windows 7 Laptop wich is wireless
1st floor: Windows 7 Desktop wired
Modem connected to router
Router WNR3500L

PPPoE connection

So I noticed lag while surfind websites so I decided to test the connection on dslreports but couldn't because the site couldn't ping me so I figured meh I'll find a program to ping things (instead of using cmd) and used Ping tester from pingtester.net

Ping tests are set to ping www.google.com each 600ms with a 1024 bytes packet with a timeout of 600ms

I found out I was having 10-20% loss on my laptop. I blamed it on the router at first. Then i did the same tests on the computer that has XP, but it was getting no loss at all. So i blamed it on my laptop. Then my mother complained about slow loading times, so I did the same test on her computer (Windows 7 Desktop) and got 25% packet loss.

By the way it is constant packet loss, not spikes

So i called NetGear support but that didn't help at all since all they did was Reset to factory settings and update to the latest firmware (i had downgraded it in case there was a bug)

Basically 2 computers out of 3 has 10%+ packet loss while the other works just fine.

I need a solution here fast else I'm brining it back and switching to linksys.