3500L with 8mb flash and 64 mb RAM

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Charles Neeley
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3500L with 8mb flash and 64 mb RAM

I have been useinf tomato but want to give DD-WRT its due time on my router. My problem is, the kongmod info page says


"This build in myopenrouter download section is not for 60K NVRAM Units, E3000/E4200 Build can be found here."


Seeing as my router has 64 mb ram i assume this means my router but now i dont know which version to get? I noticed kingKong mod but its ofr 16mb flash mine is 8. Any direction in what would be proper for my router would help. Oh and mine is a v1.

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You are mistaking nvram for

You are mistaking nvram for board and flash ram, your unit has 32k of nvram, so you need to get the kong builds that coincide with that marking, they should say in the file name - 32k nvram, 60k, 64k etc.