3500l wan ip/mac address

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3500l wan ip/mac address

Hi. Could anyone please help with why my netgear 3500l running dd wrt will not pickup a wan ip address and keeps picking up a default mac address. The router is conected to a vigor 120 adsll modem which is in pppoe client mode and the netgear is also in pppoe with the correct username and password. The modem and router are linked with a cat 5 cross over and have connectivity (link lights). I have tryed putting commands into the router to manually set it to the mac address of the modem but still no joy. The modem is running on 192.168.2.x and the rouuter on 192.168.1.x. Thanks

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Don't clone the modem's MAC

Don't clone the modem's MAC address - that's just asking for trouble. Leave the MAC address alone.

Which DD-WRT firmware are you running (eg v26 build 15432, not "the latest")?