802.11AC not Shown on 5GHz

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802.11AC not Shown on 5GHz

Hi - I recently loaded Tomato 1.28 134 Initial followed by 1.36 AOI on a new Netgear R8000.  Install was uneventful - but when I configure my 5GHz channels; I only have Auto, A-Only, or N-Only.  I chose A-Only at first as I want one network to be dedicated to high bandwidth AC-only devices.  I assumed A-Only referred to AC - but apparently I was wrong.  I selected "United States" as region.  When I connect with a AC laptop - connection speed is 54MB (ie 802.11A).  Does this firmware support 802.11AC on the R8000?  Is there something I am missing?

If I select Auto - it connects at 300MB - 802.11N speeds.  I am sitting near router in this case -

Thanks much for your assistance in advance - JM

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Hmm... that is really

Hmm... that is really interesting. I must check it




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I have the AC setting on my

I have the AC setting on my R8000, seems to work pretty good.