Accessing USB HDD via Internet (OEM Firmware)

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Accessing USB HDD via Internet (OEM Firmware)

Router WNR3500L with Netgear Firmware V1.0.2.50_31.1.25

OS Win XP Home SP3 with Firefox 3.6.10

Modem Option GlobeSurfer II broadband ethernet to router

I am trying to access via the internet my USB external HDD that is connected to my WNR3500L. My internet connection has a dynamic IP address so I have registered with with a host name under

I have access to my USB HDD from other computers on my network.

In my router setup if have-

Enabled Dynamic DNS Sevice

  Provider =

  User Name = username

  Password = password

The Dynamic DNS status shows my correct current IP address.

USB Storage (Advanced Settings) has

  Enabled = HTTP (via internet)

  Link =

  Port = 80

When I go to I get a 404 Not Found error. What else do I need to do to access my USB HDD via the internet?

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is it possible for you to use

is it possible for you to use a different port other than 80
try another port number, see if that works, or try 8080