Advanced Tomato help?

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Advanced Tomato help?

I just installed AT v 3.4-138 and need some help. A little background. I have 2 Xbox ones and have used UPNP with the stock firmware which allowed both systems to have Open NAT. The reason I installed AT is to tweak QoS so I could eliminate buffer bloat. I can't seem to figure out the QoS in this new firmware. It seems complicated. Basically I want to be able to configure the router to give the best gaming connection possible for both xbox ones. So my question is can someone give me a laymans break down on what I have to change all settings to? Even the Upnp page seems overly complicated.

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I'm assuming you have comcast

I'm assuming you have comcast/xfinity and I'm also assuming you have issues with bullet registration/hit detection on games like CoD.  And my advice to you is to take that Nighthawk router back to the store, get a refund and buy the Nighthawk modem/router built in one combo, use that with a wired connection and issue is solved.