aio VS vpn

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aio VS vpn

Hi all, 

could someone tell me what is the difference between the AIO and the VPN version of the @shibby firmware?



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VPN is specifically targeted

VPN is specifically targeted to run the router as a VPN server. VPN is basically a basic stripped down version, while AIO (All In One) comes with everything and the kitchen sink

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Thank you @microchip for the

Thank you @microchip for the reply :)


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Everything and the kitchen

Everything and the kitchen sink, but no VPN in the AIO?  is VPN everything plus VPN? 

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@ptgeorge: No, I think what

@ptgeorge: No, I think what he meant is that "VPN" is a stripped down version of the AIO (all-in-one). Therefore, the AIO does contain the VPN. ;)