alternative firmware web monitoring

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alternative firmware web monitoring

I currently have Tomato and DD-WRT firmwares on two different Linksys routers in my home. The Tomato based Linksys router is my main router for the whole house. The DD-WRT based Linksys router has essentially been converted to a 5 port switch & wireless access point in another part of the home. Both work great and no complaints.

I was wondering if either firmware can totally monitor the website activity throughout my entire home network (that has multiple other switches in different rooms)? I'm looking to be able to get some sort of report of ALL the websites that have been visted in a given month (or other time frame).

While the Tomato firmware is the main router right now, I could switch it so the DD-WRT firmware becomes the main router right after my cable modem.

Is this monitoring feature possible with Tomato and/or DD-WRT?