Any firmware that provides better control over the QoS?

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Any firmware that provides better control over the QoS?

I recently had two roommates move in, we're currently using the R7000. I've been looking into configuring it, and the stock firmware seems.... lackluster, at best. They both are using two Xbox 360s while I play on PC. It seems that they are not having internet issues, whereas I am having moments where my games will lock up entirely for 5 seconds. (Sometimes more)


The 360s automatically are given "high" priority (And for whatever reason, I cannot change this, which is moronic in my opinion), but despite setting my PC (Via the LAN port I connect to) to "highest" for example, I still find the lockups happening. Even with only one Xbox on and streaming Netflix, the lockups still happened with frustrating frequency. Is there some tweak I'm missing that might help deal with it or is there an open source firmware out there that gives a bit more control that I could play with a bit? I have not used the R7000 so I am hesitant to jump into using Tomato firmware (Which is what I have used in the past) to mess with it.


Thanks for any help!

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You can make a try with DDWRT

You can make a try with DDWRT firmware. It enables you to specify priority of all traffic from a device by specifying its MAC address. Hope it helps.

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That's why I love Tomato

That's why I love Tomato firmware, the QoS settings are the easiest. Unfortunately, not available for the R7000 or the RT-AC68U yet.